Numerous different creatures and monsters appear the IDW comics, many of which have a basis in myths and legends.


Comic issue 24 alien pony
Aliens in Issue #24
Residence Future city
Aliens appears in Issue #24.


544084 safe twilight sparkle rainbow dash pinkie pie rarity princess twilight idw spoiler-colon-comic bookworm spoiler-colon-comic16
Bookworm in Issue #16
Sex Male
Residence Various
A Bookworm appears in the Sixth story arc, eating the book of Golden Oaks Library and giving life to fictional characters via magical cocoons and growing in size, but at the end of the arc its discovered that the bookworm was just enjoying the reading not realizing the damage was doing, at the end he helps the main six and Ponyville.


MLP IDW Issue 24 Butterdragon
Butterdragon in Issue #24
Residence Prehistory land
A butterdragon appears in Issue #24.

Carnivorous Flowers Edit

Carnivorous Flowers
Comic issue 3 carnivorous flowers
Carnivorous Flowers in Issue #3
Residence Forest of Leota
Carnivorous Flowers appears in The Return of Queen Chrysalis attacking Rarity and Applejack but they defeated them and use them as parachutes.


Cats in Issue #3
Residence Wuvy-Dovey Land

Cats are the inhabitants of 'Wuvy-Dovey Land', and were used as a source of love by Queen Chrysalis when she crash landed in their town.

She and some of her changelings land in the center of a town inhabited by the cats, who immediantly shower them with cakes and love. Although she survives the fall, she and her army are weakened, so they feed off the cats' love and transform their town into the Changeling Kingdom. Chrysalis later harms one of the cats in front of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Its fate is unknown.

One later approaches Spike with a card.

Cave trollEdit

Cave Troll
Jim in Issue #2
Sex Male
Residence Appaloosan Mountains

A cave troll named Jim (after Jim Miller, FiM's storyboard supervisor) appears in The Return of Queen Chrysalis. Chrysalis regards them as idiots.

The six find and enter a cave in the Appaloosan Mountains, where they run into a cave troll, and Twilight Sparkle asserts that it's much larger than the "Cave Dweller's Reference Guide" says that species is. The troll picks up Fluttershy, and brushes her mane with a branch, eventually setting her down on a shelf containing what looks like a giant stone Magic 8-Ball and Optimus Prime.

He grabs Rainbow Dash next, dolling her up, much to Applejack's amusement and Rainbow's annoyance. Rarity then comes up with an idea, and asks Pinkie Pie for help. The idea turns out to be rock and wood replicas of the main six. The troll grabs the Rarity doll and states that he will call it George, much to her horror.

When the ponies are trapped by spiders, Pinkie returns with Jim, whom she has convinced of there being a teddy bear where the other ponies are. The troll sees the spider and is convinced that's the teddy bear, so he drags the spider off, naming him Fluffy.


Queen Chrysalis and two of her guards in Issue #3
Residence Changeling Kingdom
Main article: Queen Chrysalis
Main article: Changelings

Changelings are the minions of Queen Chrysalis. They take over Ponyville briefly, but are easily defeated by the ponies.

They have a pony-like appearance along with insect features, though they can change their appearance to match that of any pony they want.

Chupacabra Edit

Chupacabra in Issue #3
Residence Equestria

Chupacabras inhabit somewhere beyond the Appaloosan Mountains. They are the natural enemies of Jackalope. They are based off the Mexican/North American cryptid, Chupacabra.

In The Return of Queen Chrysalis, Fluttershy and Twilight fall down a hole, but Twilight is able to use her magic to get the both of them out of the hole, and once they're out, they spot a Chupacabra. Twilight observes that they only eat goats, but then she and Fluttershy realize the twigs lodged in their manes look like goat horns, and so the Chupacabra begins to chase them.

The others, who are running from the Jackalope, crash into the pair, causing the whole group to tumble down a cliff. Twilight hopes that such a death-defying fall might keep their pursuers at bay. It is at this point that Fluttershy reveals the bunnies' species to be Vampiric Jackalope, as she mentions that they are natural enemies of the Chupacabra, and will fight with it for dominance, and the right to eat the ponies.

They then engage in a fight which horrifies the ponies, with the exception of Fluttershy, who only remarks that nature is fascinating.

Cloud GremlinsEdit

Cloud Gremlins
Cloud Gremlins
Big Boy and Runt in Micro-series #2
Sex Male
Residence Various
Main article: Cloud Gremlins

The two Cloud Gremlins are the main antagonists of the Rainbow Dash Micro-Series. They try to block out the sun to make everyone miserable. They constantly mock and taunt Rainbow Dash.

When Rainbow Dash does a Sonic Rainboom, she cheers up the citizens of Ponyville, and the sudden positivity causes the Gremlin's cloud to explode into rainbows, throwing them away into the sky.


Giant Cockatrices
Comic issue 4 Giant mutant cockatrice
Giant Cockatrices in the Mini-comic In the Interim...'
Giant Cockatrices appear in the mini-comic In the Interim... were attack Canterlot during the passing of the Secretariat Comet

Crystal Ghost Edit

Crystal Bard
Friends Forever issue 4 crystal ghost
Crystal Bard in Friends Forever #4
Sex Male
Residence Underneath Caves of the Crystal Castle
A Crystal Ghost appear in Friends Forever #4 in a underneath cave made by King Sombra in the past, after that he's free and becomes the new librarian.

Cyborg PonyEdit

Cyborg Pony
Comic issue 24 cyborg pony
Cyborg Ponies in Issue #24
Residence Future city
Cyborg Ponies appears in Issue #24.

Diamond DogsEdit

Diamond Dogs
656236 safe idw spoiler-colon-comic diamond+dog rover spot artist-colon-agnesgarbowska spoiler-colon-comicff6 angry+mob
Diamond Dogs in Friends Forever #6
Sex Male
Residence Various
Diamond Dogs appear in a cave made by them and a skull is used by Pinkie Pie and reappear in Friends Forever #6.

Dinosaurs Edit

MLP IDW Issue 24 Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs in Issue #24
Residence Prehistory land
Dinosaurs appears in Issue #24.

Draconequus Edit

Friends Forever issue 02 page 4
Discord in Friends Forever #2
Sex Male
Discord, a draconequus appear constantly in the IDW comics.


My Little Pony - Friends Forever 14 - Dragons
Dragons in Friends Forever #14
Three Dragons appear in the Sixth story arc with a pony playing with her and in Friends Forever #14 is revealed the in Fillydelphia exist a Dragon Town area.

Drop BearEdit

Drop Bear
Comic issue 27 drop bear
Drop Bear in Issue #27
A Drop Bear appears in Issue #27.

Egyptian Cat Edit

Egyptian Cats
MLP IDW Issue 24 Cats
Egyptian Cats in Issue #24
Residence Anugypt

Egyptian Cats appears in Issue #24.


Lejendar Gygax
MLP Lejendar Gaygax
Lejendar Gygax in Issue #11
Poindexter is character in the game Obliettes and Ogres is a Elf-pegasus call Lejendar Gygax.

Fairy Edit

Fairies are mentioned in Issue #24.

Faun Edit

Fauns are mentioned in Issue #24.

Fire SnailEdit

Fire Snail
MLP IDW- Friends Forever- Issue 14- Fire Snail
Fire Snail in Friends Forever #14
Residence Sewers under Fillydelphia
A Fire Snail appear in Friends Forever #14, as the cause of the fires in Fillydelphia.

Fruit Bat Edit

Fruit Bat
Fruit bats appear constanly in the IDW comics.


MLP Ghosy
Evil Luna in her ghost form in Issue #19
Ghost are mentioned by Twilight in Friends Forever #4 and the alternative Princess Luna uses her ghost form in Issue #19.

Giant Bats Edit

Giant Bats
My Little Pony IDW- Issue 27- Giant Bats
Giant Bats in Issue #27
Sex Male
Residence Caves
Two Giant Bats appear in Issue #27.

Giant Spiders Edit

Giant Spiders
Giant Tarantula and Giant Spiders in Issue #2
Sex Male
Residence Caves
Giant Spiders appear in The Return of Queen Chrysalis attacking the main six, but they are defeated by them after Pinkie Pie attracts the attention of the Cave Troll making him believe that the lead Spider is a teddy bear.


MLP Griffon
Vermouth Roux in Friends Forever #1
Residence Griffon Kingdom
A Griffon appears as a judge in Friends Forever #1.


MLP IDW Issue 24 Hippocampi
Hippocampi in Issue #24
Residence High seas
Hippocampi appear in Cover B of Issue #13 and Issue #24.


Comic issue 17 hydra skeleton
The skeleton of a Hydra in Issue #17
Residence Underneath cave
The skeleton of a Hydra appears in Reflections in the underneath cave of Star Swirl the Bearded.


Imps are mentioned by the Mane-iac in Annual 2014.


MLP IDW Issue 24 Jackals
Jackals in Issue #24
Residence Anugypt
jackals appears in Issue #24.


Comic issue 1 Jackalope
Jackalope in Issue #1
Residence Fluttershy's garden
A jackalope appears in Issue #1.


Cassie ID Comic 23
Cassie the kelpie in Issue #23
Sex Female

A kelpie named Cassie appears in comic|23 as a primary antagonist. She uses her singing to control the minds of ponies and compel the citizens of Ponyville to destroy a dam near the town. To Angel horror, Cassie aims to flood the town. However, she only wishes to do so for the benefit of the water sprites, who cannot reach the ocean unless a path of water is prepared near Ponyville.

In Scottish mythology, a kelpie is an equine water spirit associated with drownings.

Living FoodEdit

Linving Food
Micro issue 8 living food
Living Food attacking students in Micro-series #8
Residence Student Room
The Living Food appears in Micro-series #8 attacking the students but they are defeated by Inkwell when she cast spell who gives to the statue of a rabbit.


500365 safe twilight sparkle rainbow dash pinkie pie fluttershy rarity applejack spike princess twilight mane six
A Mantahawk in Issue #14
Residence Aquastria
A Mantahawk appears at the end of My Little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy¡ helping the main six going back to Ponyville.

Manticore Edit

MLP IDW - Issue 28 - Manticore
Residence Everfree Forest
Manticores are constantly mentioned in the comics.

Marshmallow PonyEdit

Marshmallow Pony
A marshmallow pony is mentioned in Issue #4.


Comic issue 14 mermares
Mermares in Issue #14
Sex Female
Residence Aquastria
Mermares appears in My Little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy!, attacking the Salty Mare, the main six and Hoofbeard discuss with the Mermares but Fluttershy stop the fight showing that sea and earth can love too. A notable member of the Mermares is Jewel who is in love with Hoofbeard.


Micro issue 7 Greater Equestrian mimickers
Imp in Micro-series #7
Sex Female
Residence Underneath cave in the Everfree Forest
Imp a Mimicker appears in the Cutie Mark Crusaders Micro-series, she becomes in the comic a new CMC member, the crusaders had fun with her ability to mimic thing, but when they discover she's becoming exhausted they decided to return her to her cave.


My Little Pony IDW- Issue 27- Minotaurs
Minotaurs in Issue #27
A minotaur called Iron Will appears in Friends Forever #4 cover RI and various minotaurs also appear in Issue #27.

Moon Creatures Edit

Moon Creatures
Comic issue 8 moon creatures
Moon Creatures in Issue #8
Residence The Moon
Moon Creatures appear at the end of The Return of Nightmare Moon, after beign purified by the magic of friendship.

Moon SlugsEdit

Moon Slugs
Comic issue 7 moon slugs
Moon Slugs in Issue #8
Residence The Moon
Moon Slugs appear in The Return of Nightmare Moon helping Spike enter Nightmare Rarity's castle and escape from the Nightmare Forces.


MLP IDW Mummies
Mummies in Annual 2014
Residence Maretropolis
Moon Slugs appear in Annual 2014 as minions of Pharaoh Phetlock.

Night SpritesEdit

Night Sprites
Night Sprites are mentioned by Shining Armor at the end of Friends Forever #4 after Twilight Sparkle leaves in the train.

Nightmare ForcesEdit

Nightmare Forces
Shadow Forces
The Nightmare Forces in Issue #6
Sex Male
Residence The Moon
Main article: Nightmare Forces

The Mightmare Forces corrupted Princess Luna, turning her into Nightmare Moon. When she was cleansed of them by the Elements of Harmony, she assumed them destroyed.

They later returned, and corrupted Rarity, after that they captured the main six and Spike, but they are able to find a way to return them again in Moon Creatures and destroy the nightmare energy. The Forces are led by Shadowfright.


Ogre pgn.
Ogre in Friends Forever #2
An Ogre is a monster who appears in Oubliettes and Ogres.


Owlbear in the mini-comic "Luna Gets a Pet"
Residence Everfree Forest
An Owlbear appears in the mini-comic Luna Gets a Pet as one of the options of Princess Luna to be a pet.


Parasprites appear constanly in the IDW comics.


Comic IDW issue 19 page 1
Alternate universe version of Philomena in Issue #19
Residence Evil Celestia's Castle
Philomena appears constanly in the IDW comics.

Quarry eelEdit

Quarry eel
Quarry eel is mentioned in Friends Forever #4 by Shining Armor.


MLP IDW Issue 24 Roc
Roc in Issue #24
Residence Prehistory land
A roc appears in Issue #24.
MLP IDW Roc Concept Art

Roc in concept art.

Sass SquashEdit

Sass Squash
Sass Squash in Micro-series #6
Sex Male
Residence Various
The Sass Squash appears in the IDW Micro-Series of Applejack. It has been ruining the Apple Family's crops. The Sass Squash is based off the folklore/cryptid Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.

Sea BeastEdit

Sea Beasts
Mlp 9
Sea Beasts in Micro-series #9
Residence Aquarium in Golden Oaks Library
Sea Beasts appear in Spike's Micro Series, who are beign taking care of him after he teach him the ways of the world making them smart enough to live on their own.


Serpents are mentioned in Issue #24.

Shadowy CreaturesEdit

Shadowy Creatures
Micro issue 8 shadowy creatures
Shadowy Creatures in Micro-series #8
Shadowy Creatures appear in Celestia's Micro Series.

Space FleasEdit

Space Fleas
Comic issue 16 space fleas
Space Fleas in Issue #16
Residence Asteroid
Space Fleas appear in the Sixth story arc in Rainbow Dash's story climbing up Rainbow Dash and Twilight's spacesuits.


Sprites are mentioned in Issue #24.


MLP IDW- Issue 27- Timberwolves
Tiberwolves in Issue #27
Residence Everfree Forest
Timberwolves are mentioned in Issue #2 and appear in Issue #27.

The Beasts of the DeepEdit

Beast of the Deep
Residence Deep sea
In the mini-comic included with Issue #17 "How Star Swirl Got His Hat...The Other Story", Star Swirl the Bearded mentions The Beasts of the Deep.

Tree GoblinsEdit

Tree Goblins
Tree Goblins are mentioned by Spike reading a monster-pedia in Friends Forever #4.


Ursa major and minor appear in covers RI and Hot topic cover of the IDW comics.

Vampire Edit

IDW-Comic issue 19 page 2
Alternate universe version of Kibitz in Issue #19
Residence Dark Castle
The alternate Kibitz in Issue #19 resembles a vampire.

Vampiric JackalopeEdit

Vampiric Jackalope
Vampiric Jackalope in Issue #3
Residence Equestria

The Vampiric Jackalope appear in The Return of Queen Chrysalis. They are based off the North American folklore of the jackalope.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash happen upon a group of rabbits with horns. One bites into Pinkie's left hind leg, freaking Rainbow Dash out, but only causing Pinkie to give that one the name "bitey". Rainbow Dash picks up Pinkie by the tail and starts to fly out of there, when Rarity and Applejack crash into the two. Applejack uses one of the flowers chasing her to take out some of the bunnies, and the group continues to run again. The flowers do not seem to partake in the chase. 

They then bump into Twilight and Fluttershy (running from the Chupacabra), causing the whole group to tumble down a cliff. Twilight hopes that such a death-defying fall might keep their pursuers at bay. It is at this point that Fluttershy reveals the bunnies' species to be Vampiric Jackalope, as she mentions that they are natural enemies of the Chupacabra, and will fight with it for dominance, and the right to eat the ponies. They then engage in a fight which disgusts/horrifies the ponies, with the exception of Fluttershy, who only remarks that nature is fascinating.

Water SpritesEdit

Water Sprites
MLP IDW Water Sprite
A Water Sprite in Issue #23
Water Sprites appear at the end of Issue #23, they are friends of Cassie.


Windigos in Equestria Girls: Holiday Special
Windigos appear in Equestria Girls: Holiday Special.

Human Windigos

Winged CatEdit

Winged Cat
My Little Pony IDW- Issue 27- Winged Cat
Winged Cat in Issue #27
A Winged Cat appear in Issue #27.

Wood SpritesEdit

Wood Sprites
Wood Sprites are mentioned by Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor in a flashback in Friends Forever #4.


Zhulongs are mentioned by Twilight Sparkle in Friends Forever #14, is a Chinese mythological creature with a human's head on a flying snake's body.


Zilants are mentioned by Twilight Sparkle in Friends Forever #14, they are Kazan myths of winged snakes.


Comic issue 16 zombies
Zombie Ponies in Issue #16
Zombies appear in the Sixth story arc in a fantasy book world made by Pinkie Pie they are returned to be normal ponies by Rainbow Dash using a Rainbow vision.