Nightmare Forces
The Return of Nightmare Moon
Shadow Forces
Kind Unknown
Sex Male
Residence The Moon
The Nightmare Forces are the supporting antagonists of The Return of Nightmare Moon. They are led by Shadowfright.

History in the comicsEdit

===The Return of Nightmare Moon===

The Nightmare Forces corrupted Princess Luna, turning her into Nightmare Moon. When she was cleansed of them by the Elements of Harmony, she assumed them destroyed.

They later returned, and corrupted Rarity, taking her to the Moon and turning her into 'Nightmare Rarity'. They capture the ponies and attack Ponyville, overcoming Princess Celestia, but they are defeated by the main six when they are able to canalize their friendship in a magic way, freeing the moon creatures of their curse and destroying the nightmare energy with them.

==Notable members==
  • Shadowfright, the leader of the Forces, apparently based off a bird, but it is defeated along with the Nightmare Forces.
  • Jerome, appearing by Shadowfright's side often. He refers to Shadowfright as 'Larry', which Shadowfright is shown to hate. He is a short and fat Nightmare Force. Appears to be Shadowfright's second in command, or 'sidekick', at the end of the arc is discovered that he is not corrupted and help the main six and went back to be a moon creature.
  • The Nightmare Rabbits, of which there are more than one.
  • The Nightmare Cats, they are shown to have blue eyes instead of black or green in Cover A of Issue #7.
  • The Nightmare Wolfs, one of them is bigger than the rest and instead of having green eyes he has pink eyes.
  • The Nightmare Bats, who acts as air defences.
  • The Nightmare Soldiers, they are the army of Shadowfright and Nightmare Rarity.